The Silver Threetles is more than a tribute to later 60s music of  The Beatles, it is an in depth appreciation of The Beatles music at the point the Fab Four stopped touring.


So many of The Beatles songs were never performed live.


Rather than  pretending to be The Beatles, The Silver Threetles wanted to focus solely on the music.  


                     "The challenge has been to keep the essence of the song, whilst giving them each a playful fresh coat of paint."


So don't expect  carbon copies of the original songs. This is a live show, not a record. There are no pre-recorded backing tapes used at  any these live shows.




The Silver Threetles guarantee a highly energetic show, full of great music, delivered in the Spirit of The Beatles.



This is a completely new take on the band that changed everything, the band the saved the world from boredom, the band that told us 'Love Love Love'

The Beatles




"Thank you so much for sending through the recording of our first dance it sounded so good! And, thank you once again for playing for us, we loved it, and we had so many great comments about how fab you guys were." Cressida & Claires Civil Partnership - Leicester

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