Are You A Threetle?

A Threetle has exceeded the 10,000 hours needed to be able to play an instrument.

A Threetle is somepone who knows far too much about The Beatles and all associated information.  In fact they will read every book available about The Beatles, no matter how much it is a rehash of every other Beatles biog previosuly published.

A Threetle is happy to play any and every Beatles song, regardless of how precious and treasured it might be. 

A Threetle is fearless in the face of smarty pants audience members requesting very silly songs with big orchestras.

A Threetle will introduce every song they play by saying "this is my favourite Beatles song"

A Threetle sometimes wear a hat.

A Threetle maybe from Leicester, or not. 

A Threetle can be tall, short, fat or thin.

A Threetle can be straight or gay

A Threetle can be black, white, green, red  or any colour of the rainbow.

A Threetle believes that  Love is All You Need

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Or you can send us your funny paper

"I saw you guys last night for the first time. Fantastic gig and superb playing by all. What you really captured was the energy of the songs not a slavish copy but edgier and in some of the reworked songs a new beauty to familiar songs. I will be spreading the word. Thanks or a great night".

"You guys delivered beyond our expectations – fresh renditions of the classics – each one skillfully delivered. The capacity crowd added to the ‘Cavern-esque’ atmosphere"

"Thank you for the great performance at Kathryn and Gary's wedding. You certainly got everyone on the dance floor."

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