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James Hassell – While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Born in Leicester, so called because it’s his name, was raised by a small pod of musical dolphins. James has always had a great ear (and nose) for melody and harmony. He plays a mean Gretsch guitar because all the friendly ones had been sold. James ‘ability to put together amazing harmonies would have Brian Wilson surfing to the hills. And a thoroughly fab individual too!


Musical influences: The Beatles of course, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, Simon And Garfunkel, Crowded House/Neil Finn, Queen, and specifically Brian May in my younger days.


Baryy French -  I've Got Blisters on my fingers


Born in Birmingham at the home of Alfred Bird and Fuzzbox, Barry’s 1st musical memory was listening to George Michael. Playing the drums came accidentally when a friend tried to get him to play the guitar, then bass, then vocals. Barry lied and said he could play the drums, and then rather spectacularly, played the drums!


Influences include:

The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Dream Theater, The White Stripes, Queen, James Hassell and Gordon Ramsay


Paul Matthews – The Movement you need is on your shoulder

Born in Leicester, ‘Paul’ or also known to his close friends as ‘Paul’, was raised in a small stone oven in the 1970s. Technically shorter than the rest of the band, he is an avid player of no sports. Playing the elctric and double bass is very important and being called Paul is a very old Beatles tradition dating back to the late 15th century.


Musical Influences: Todd Rundgren, Brian Wilson, John Entwistle, Jim Steinman, Phil Spector, The Beatles, The Who, Paul McCartney, Kasim Sultan, John Siegler, Rory Dodd's voice, Bob Dylan and The Bishop of Durham

Craig Byrne- Such a stupid get!

Like King Nebuchadnezzar and Gary Lineker he was born in Leicester, Craig honed his musical skills playing many hours a night in a Homburg Hat. Tinckler of keys, stroker of strings, warbler of harmony, avoider of deadlines. Craig sits in the pews at the other side of the church, muttering obscenities whilst looking exactly like David Guetta. 


Musical Influences: The Beatles, Stephen Sondheim, Todd Rundgren, John Adams, The Beach Boys, Richard Wagner, Phil Spector, Gustav Mahler, Jim Steinman, The wheels on the bus go round and round etc…

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"I saw you guys last night for the first time. Fantastic gig and superb playing by all. What you really captured was the energy of the songs not a slavish copy but edgier and in some of the reworked songs a new beauty to familiar songs. I will be spreading the word. Thanks or a great night".

"You guys delivered beyond our expectations – fresh renditions of the classics – each one skillfully delivered. The capacity crowd added to the ‘Cavern-esque’ atmosphere"

"Thank you for the great performance at Kathryn and Gary's wedding. You certainly got everyone on the dance floor."

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